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摘要: 备注:前面是题目,答案和题目汉语翻译在题目之后,红色序号的为A部分单词的题目。...

1、备注:前面是题目,答案和题目汉语翻译在题目之后,红色序号的为A部分单词的题目。Unit 2TextA: acquire affection curl defy given haste interact preserve restraintTextB: cilp fascinate grief manipulate minimum presence yield1.I dont like my straight hair so Im going to have it_. 2. This price is her_ she refuses to lower it any further. 3. I

2、often _ recipes out of newspapers and magazines but never use them when I cook. 4. She _ to temptation and had another chocolate even though she was going on a diet.5. _ the fact that she loves children, I am sure teaching is the right career for her. 6. They try to_ their interesting old customs ag

3、ainst the impacts of the modern world 7. Philip was_ to see how the old woman wove cloth with such simple tools. 8. Among all his relatives,he has an especially deep_ for his aunt who cares for him most. 9. Teahing is not a one-way activity; teachers and students should _ with each other in class. 1

4、0.After his wife died, he remarried with much _, which caused a lot of gossip amonghis acquaintances. 11.Without your love and support he would have been weighed down with _ after his daughter died of a car crash. 12.I have never seen a house like thatits untidiness _ description; I think she ought

5、to learn how to keep a house. 13.there day more and more pregnant women want the _ of their husbands at the birth of their childen. 14.It is quite possible for a student to master English grammar and _ a large vocabulary without the help of a teacher. 15.She watched him_ all the handles and gears in

6、 his automobile until she thought she could run it herself. 16. Lack of money and lack of machinery are the two major _ on the growth of this factory; thats why it remains the same as it was ten years ago. TextA: state of affairs buildon give and take hold on in short letloose onTextB: fit into in t

7、he course of in vain reach for 1.Dont _the little boy _ the garden; hell pull up all the flowers. 2. The refrigerator I bought last week is too large to _our new kitchen. 3. When the flood broke out, the little girl clung to a tree and managed to _ 4. Her parents are divorced and her brother is in p

8、rison it is a sad _, indeed. 5. It is said that in no country other than Britain can one experience four seasons _ a single day. 6. The moment my father came in I could see from his worried face that his effort to find a job had been _once again. 7. Do you think it wise for a person to _ his hopes _

9、 the economic strength of his country? Or should he base them on his own efforts? 8. Hes disorganized; hes inefficient; hes never been there when you want him. _, he is hopeless. 9. Seeing his neighbours house on fire, he quickly _the phone and dialled. 10. You cant always insist on your own way the

10、re has to be some_. 答案:1.curled 2.minimum 3.clip 4.yielded 5.Given 6.preserve 7.fascinated 8.affection 9.interact 10.haste 11.grief 12.defies 13.presence 14.acquire 15.manipulate 16restraints 1.let, loose on 2.fit into 3.hold on 4.state of affairs 5.in the course of 6.in vain 7.build, on 8.In short

11、9.reached for 10.give and take 1.我不喜欢我的直头发,所以我要把它卷曲。 2.这个价格是她的最低限度,她拒绝进一步降低 3.我经常在报纸和杂志上剪辑食谱,但当我做饭时,我从不使用它们。 4.她屈服于诱惑,又吃了一块巧克力,尽管她在节食 5.考虑到她爱孩子这一事实,我相信教书对她是正确的职业。 6.他们试图保护他们的有趣的旧习俗对现代世界的影响 7.菲利普看到老妇人用这种简单的工具布着迷 8.在他的所有的亲戚中他对他姑姑的感情特别深,姑姑是最关心他的。 9.教学不是单向的活动;教师和学生应该在每一个课堂上互动。 10.他的妻子死后,他再婚有多快,在他的熟人中这引起

12、了很多八卦。11没有你的爱和支持,他会因他的女儿死于车祸而伤心。 12.我从来没有见过那样邋遢其难以形容的房子;我想她应该学会如何保持房子。 13.这些天,越来越多的孕妇希望丈夫出现在他们的孩子出生。 14. 一个学生的确可能在没有老师的帮助下,掌握英语语法并获得大量的英语词汇。 15.她看着他操纵所有的手柄和齿轮在他的汽车,直到她认为她可以自己运行。16.缺乏资金和缺乏机械是经济增长的两大制约因素,为什么它仍然与十年前相同1.不要让那个小男孩倒在花园里,他会把花都拔掉的。 2.我上周买的冰箱太大,无法融入我们的新厨房。 3.当洪水爆发的时候,小女孩抱在树上,设法坚持 4.她的父母离婚,她的哥

13、哥是在监狱里这是一个很不好的事情,的确很好。 5.据说,除了英国没有任何国家能感受到四季仅仅一天中。 6.那一刻我父亲进来时我就可以看出来他闷闷不乐的脸,他的努力找到一份工作已经是白费心机再来一次。 7.你认为是比较明智的人建立自己的希望寄托在经济实力的自己的国家吗?或者他应该基于在自己的努力吗? 8.他是混乱无序的,他是一个低效率的;他从未去过。当你想要他。总之,他是无药可救。 9.看到他的邻居的房子着了火,他急忙伸手去拿电话,并正在拨打。 10.你不能总是坚持自己的路,就需要有一些给予与索取的真谛. 三、句子翻译: 1.无论是友情还是爱情,你都不可能期待自己付出最少而得到最多。 In ei

14、ther friendship or love, you should never expect to take the maximum while you give the minimum . 2. 我把全部希望寄托在他的承诺上,结果却发现他根本不是个真诚的人。 I built all my hopes on his promise(s), only to find that he was not a man of sincerity at all. 3.我们带母亲去了所有我们能找到的最好的医院,但一切努力都是徒劳的,母亲还是没能熬过那次疾病。 We took Mother to all t

15、he best hospitals we could find, but all our efforts were in vain she failed to survive the disease. 4.情人节是个一年一度在2月14日庆祝的节日,一个向自己心仪的对象表达爱意的好日子。 Valentines Day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14, a perfect day to express love to the object of your affection 5. 在信息时代,通过电子邮件方式跟远方的朋友交流几乎可以是同步的 In the information era, communications with far-away friends via e-mail can be almost simultaneous. 6.爱情需要时间,因为只有慢慢习惯和学会欣赏对方才会产生出爱情。Love needs to be nurtured, and the “eternal / everlasting love” that we all dream to have is not forged until we learn to appreciate and tolerate the other.


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